Assortment of Photos

A birthday celebration.  I have a key to those in the picture but have a few missing spots. Stay tuned for updates.  

WWI photo My Grandfather is back row 2nd from R
1st Battalion-166th Infantry
42nd Rainbow Div-Company C

Another Gem from WWI in a Chicago paper

My Grandpa Pasquale V. Petitti

The meat market on Taylor when the Martuccis owned it.
Photo from Joe Martucci

I believe this is Taylor St meat market before renovation.

Photo from Joe Martucci

Photo from Joe Martucci

Martucci Family

Photo from Joe Martucci

Michael, Alfonso, Vito (My G Grandpa), Antoinette Girardi Petitti, Seated Gennaro and baby Joe
(photo from Bob Petitte)

L to R Fonzie, Connie, Willy (Bob Petitte's dad), Anny, Antoinette & Gennaro (Grandparents),
standing, Joe, George, Nicky, Dolly, Edith, Rosie, Junior
Photo from Bob Petitte

Taylor St Meat Market when Pasquale Petitti owned it, Joe Petitti on L
Petitti Meat Market on Taylor St when Pasquale (on L) owned it

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