Assortment of Photos

A birthday celebration.  I have a key to those in the picture but have a few missing spots. Stay tuned for updates.  

WWI photo My Grandfather is back row 2nd from R
1st Battalion-166th Infantry
42nd Rainbow Div-Company C

Another Gem from WWI in a Chicago paper

My Grandpa Pasquale V. Petitti

The meat market on Taylor when the Martuccis owned it.
Photo from Joe Martucci

I believe this is Taylor St meat market before renovation.

Photo from Joe Martucci

Photo from Joe Martucci

Martucci Family

Photo from Joe Martucci

Michael, Alfonso, Vito (My G Grandpa), Antoinette Girardi Petitti, Seated Gennaro and baby Joe
(photo from Bob Petitte)

L to R Fonzie, Connie, Willy (Bob Petitte's dad), Anny, Antoinette & Gennaro (Grandparents),
standing, Joe, George, Nicky, Dolly, Edith, Rosie, Junior
Photo from Bob Petitte

Taylor St Meat Market when Pasquale Petitti owned it, Joe Petitti on L
Petitti Meat Market on Taylor St when Pasquale (on L) owned it


  1. I think the two women to the left in the birthday photo also show up in some of my family photos - the woman in the dark dress and next to her the woman with the glasses. Then again the hair and the fashions make for familiarity. Could one of these women be Prudence Petitt of Chicago?

    1. I have found a relative who can identify most people in this picture as she is one of the children in the front. If you email me we can connect the dots. I have a long list of family and fellow Faeto Italians that were friends in this era. Would love to hear from you.

  2. Hello Susie!
    I am a granddaughter of Anthony Petitti from Chicago. My Dad is Domenic Petitti. I know our family emigrated from Faeto as well.
    My dad remembers going to gatherings at the Faeto lodge in Chicago when he was a child. Did your family take part as well?
    Thanks for sharing this-very interesting!
    Angela (Petitti) Vock