Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where I Come From

Faeto, Italy. Chances are if you are here reading this, it is because you Googled where your Grandpa, Great Grandma or another relative came from. Welcome, there are many more where you came from. My Grandfather was Pasquale Vito Petitti and he came from Faeto to Chicago. That's where I am now. In Chicago meeting a relative I met through my cooking blog Sweetie Petitti. When I wrote about Faeto, people started sending me messages. So we are going to start convening here. Many years ago in Chicago there was a Faeto picnic, these immigrants were very close to each other. Now, we descendants are all over the map, and we need to pool our info. I'm not sure how this will all work. But I will blog whatever I find. I will scan the photos, the documents and pass along info. My dream is a Faeto picnic in Chicago summer 2012. A chance to meet, share info and celebrate this tiny little town in Puglia that brought us all here. So please bookmark here, come back often and lets see what happens!